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Before your first visit, please help us by completing the following interactive form at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. Established patients are asked to update their forms annually. Also, please review our privacy practices.

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I authorize the release of any medical information necessary to process insurance claims, and I authorize payment of medical benefits to Indiana Eye Clinic. I am financially responsible for all services provided by Indiana Eye Clinic to me or my dependents. If Indiana Eye Clinic is not a participating provider in my insurance plan, I understand that payment is required at the time of service. If my insurance requires a referral from my primary care physician, I will provide the referral at the time of service.

Financial Responsibility Statement

I acknowledge responsibility for payment of all medical fees regardless of insurance I may have to assist me in this responsibility. The only exception will be charges for services covered under a contractual agreement that has been entered into between my physician and an insurance company or other third party payor. If for any reason my account should become delinquent, I am liable to pay all collection and legal fees.

Release of Medical Information

On occasion a family member, friend, or caregiver may contact the Indiana Eye Clinic to inquire about your medical information. Please list authorized individuals to whom your information may be disclosed:

Medical History
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Ocular History Have you been diagnosed with any of the following in the past?
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Retinal Disorder
Crossed Eyes
Corneal Disease
Other Eye Disorders
Eye Surgery
Family History Has anyone in your family had any of the following? Please note relation to patient: 
F - Father, M - Mother, P - Paternal, MA - Maternal, S - Sister, B - Brother, GF - Grandfather, GM - Grandmother
Yes No Medical Condition Relation(s)
Retinal Disorder
Heart Disease
Other Eye Problems
Other General Health Problems

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