Adult Eye Exams

Whether you have vision problems or not, everyone can benefit from regular eye examinations. The eye exam is a medical tool that can do more than just diagnose and correct vision problems. Close examination of the eye, and retina in particular, can aid in the diagnosis and treatment of multiple other systemic conditions such as multiple sclerosis, diabetes, hypertension and neurologic conditions, to name just a few. Most adults should have an eye exam no less than every two years. Seniors or adults with risk factors such as diabetes, previous eye trauma or family history of eye disease may need to have their eyes examined more frequently.

Advanced Examination
At the Indiana Eye Clinic, our doctors perform the most advanced and comprehensive eye examination imaginable. Eyeglass measurements are performed using sophisticated technologies such as aberrometry-based auto refraction that can determine whether you might require different eyeglasses for day or night vision. When necessary, newer technologies such as laser interferometry, optical coherence tomography, Scheimpflug imaging and automated perimetry can be used to better understand and treat your condition.

Customized Treatment
Once our doctors have diagnosed your condition and created a treatment plan, we will communicate with your other health care providers. The privacy of your healthcare information is of utmost importance to us, which is why we have chosen not to entrust your information to electronic medical records, instead relying on either a phone call or letter.

Our Mission
Our mission at the Indiana Eye Clinic is to provide private, comprehensive, individualized eye care to patients of all ages. We are dedicated to utilizing the most advanced technology available in both diagnosing and solving our patients’ needs. When necessary, we work with some of the region’s best tertiary care specialists to provide unsurpassed care.

What You Need to Know
A thorough eye examination can not only uncover serious diseases such as glaucoma, but can also aid in detecting other conditions like diabetes in their early stages. Whether adult or child, everyone needs regular eye examinations. If you have not had a recent eye exam, now is the time. Our patient coordinators look forward to answering your questions and assisting you in arranging an appointment.

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