Contact Lenses

We carry the absolute latest in contact lenses including bifocal, multi-focal and astigmatism correcting (toric). Our opticians will instruct you on the proper techniques for inserting and removing your lenses, as well as handling and care techniques to maximize the life of your contact lenses.

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For quick tips, check out these videos.

How to put in contact lenses:


How to take out contact lenses:


Contact Lens Care
If you wear contact lenses, follow these tips for “Healthy Lens Habits” to reduce the risk of complications:

  1. Replace contact lenses as scheduled.
  2. Do not nap or sleep in contact lenses unless approved by your eye doctor.
  3. Clean lenses daily by rubbing them gently with contact lens solution and rinsing with fresh solution.
  4. Only use contact lens solutions for cleaning. Do not use tap water.
  5. Do not place contact lenses in your mouth.
  6. Replace the contact lenses case every three months.
  7. Do not share contact lenses with anyone.
  8. If you develop any redness, pain, tearing, light sensitivity or blurred vision, schedule an appointment with your eye doctor.